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Here you can learn more about some of the practices I employ to empower your Product and Company


Assessment, Vision, Strategy, Leadership, Consultancy. Task-relevant Discovery and Delivery

The methods employed for a specific Product at hand may vary, including (but not limited to):

  • Market Analysis, User Personas

  • Product Vision, BRDs and PRDs

  • Problem/idea/solution validation interviews (could be done as a part of Design Sprint)

  • Jobs-to-be-Done

  • Product Strategy, Product Pivots

  • Value Proposition/Product Benchmarking

  • Goal-Setting Frameworks (GEM/OKR/KPI)

  • POC and MVP Scoping, Roadmapping

  • Product Hypotheses campaigns

  • GTM Strategy development

  • Product-Market Fit validation etc.

The suggested Documentation is always discussed based on the current Goals of co-operation and Company's wishes.

Product Planning Board Discussion
Example of Product Management Books

Teams and Processes

Leadership, Management, Operational Processes Review and Improvement, Hiring/Staffing

  • Product Management coaching

  • Best practices of Product Management for associated Products (dedicated Product as well as cross-functional Teams)

  • Engineering Excellence: Vision → Strategy → Operational Planning → Release Management

  • Business/Product/Dev alignment via DDD

  • Agile Methodologies Introduction/Tuning

  • Team Assembly (incl. dedicated Delivery)

Team Support - Holding Hands

Product Economics

Financial Review and Forecasting, Unit Economics/Business Model Optimization, Growth Hacking

  • Product Positioning and Pricing (Plans)

  • Essential business metrics: framework setting, North Star Hypotheses, control and improvement

  • P&L forecasting. Budgeting

  • Consumer and market data researches and analyses

Product Growth Allegory

Marketing Overview

Financial Review and Forecasting, Unit Economics/Business Model Optimization, 

  • Marketing channels examination and analysis:

    • Website Traffic and SEO

    • Lead Gen and Affiliate Marketing

    • Social

    • Paid Advertising

  • Partner ("CPA") Networks: Return, Partner Performance, Underlying Pricing Optimization

  • Funnels/Customer Journey Analysis

  • Web and Mobile App Analytics

Website Analytics


Professional skillset

Certified Scrum Product Owner

B2B/B2C/B2B2C, SaaS products

Web and Mobile Applications

Team recruitment (Pd, Dev, Marketing)

Startups – Product launch and scaling

Market research, niche analysis

Product benchmarking and strategy

Digital Marketing (various channels)

Financial modelling, data analysis

DDD. Data Architecture

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